Sharon Rogers is a DUI attorney and experienced DWI lawyer. She will challenge the DWI charges on every point from toxicology with input from medical experts, collection procedures, police procedures, witnesses and the evidence. For example, if you have other underlying medical conditions that would affect your results on a roadside test like poor balance or medications that would yield a false positive on a DUI test, Sharon knows how to use this information to challenge prosecutors who take the stand “you drank, you drove, go to jail”. You need an experienced DUI attorney to exclude, mitigate or eliminate the evidence that is otherwise used to convict you. Don’t let a car accident get compounded with your car’s impoundment and a suspended driver’s license.

Sharon Rogers graduated Cum Laude with a degree in Criminal Justice Studies. She earned her law degree from the Marshall-Wythe School of Law at the College of William and Mary. She has over a decade of experience in defending DUI and DWI cases. Not only does she handle Virginia drunk driving cases, but she defends those facing charges under the open container law or having their car impounded for refusing to take the blood alcohol concentration (BAC) test. Remember that DWI charges can arise from operating a boat while drunk or allegations that you were smoking marijuana while driving. Sharon Rogers has defended many such clients. And she helps parents whose children are charged with under-aged DUI or providing alcohol to minors.

Sharon Rogers is a member of NACDA, the National Academy of Criminal Defense Attorneys, as well as the National College for DUI Defense and the National Trials Lawyers Association. Too many certifications are touted by other Virginia DWI attorneys as relevant but aren’t. For example, a Virginia DUI attorney doesn’t need to be a certified breath test operator or trained by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) on field sobriety test methods. A Virginia DUI lawyer attorney is familiar with all aspects of the field testing, medical examinations and police procedures but doesn’t need all of these certifications to help win your DUI case and get your driver’s license back. She can arrange independent blood testing or get the medical evaluations necessary to prove you were wrongly charged with DWI when uncontrolled blood sugar or other medical reasons are to blame. She is a top Virginia DUI attorney working with those falsely accused of DUI/DWI, as well as those who were driving when intoxicated to minimize the long term consequences of these charges.

You need a DUI lawyer like Sharon Rogers by your side when you’re arrested for DUI. Your first offense risks your driver’s license, mandatory enrollment in the Alcohol Safety Action Program (ASAP), fines and potential jail time. Repeat offenses or accusations of DUI in conjunction with a car accident risks your driver’s license for years, your ability to travel, your ability to work in some jobs and even find future employment. Sharon can help arrange your pre-trial release, assist you with posting bonds and handle all post release documents. Sharon Rogers is an experienced DUI attorney who knows what your conviction could cost you and will help you build your case and maximize your odds of winning.  We can assist you in numerous ways, from visiting court on your behalf when you aren’t allowed to travel, ensure that you meet all of your obligations and minimize the impact of having your license suspended.

While Ms. Rogers is best known for defending Virginia DUI cases, she also has experience as a trial lawyer. Was your car damaged in a DUI accident? Were you hit by a drunk driver? Were you in a car wreck and the police are charging you with DUI, or is the Virginia Commonwealth trying to blame you for what they call a DUI car accident because of someone else’s open containers in the car? You need legal advice when faced with these situations, and our law firm is ready to take your case. For birth related injuries, checkout our sister site: www.thebirthinjuryfirm.com